Trader Joe’s Blueberries & Cream/Vanilla & Cream Yogurt Cups Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Blueberries & Cream/Vanilla & Cream Yogurt Cups Reviews

  1. Chelsea

    Simply amazing. Very, very creamy because it has cream in it, of course. If you enjoy creamy vanilla (and blueberry) this yogurt is perfect. I’ve even frozen them as a frozen yogurt dessert. This product is on my Top 5 Trader Joe’s Must Buy list.

  2. T Cambridge

    The Vanilla and Cream is my favorite but not the blueberry.

    I requested MANY TIMES for TRADER JOE’S to offer
    Vanilla and Cream in a 16 oz size.

    They seem uninterested in CUSTOMER REQUESTS! So when they get around to caring I will once again enjoy the 16 oz size of JUST Vanilla and Cream!
    It surpasses all the other flavors and is a nice alternative for desert for those of us who are gluten free.

    THE VANILLA AND CREAM ALL BY ITSELF …. YOPLAIT will due till then. 🙂

  3. Sandy

    I hope they carry just the vanilla as I asked about it and the salesman said to buy this other brand which is similar but it wasn’t even close

  4. Julie Gannon

    Agree I wish I coukd just buy the vanilla and cream… The blueberry is not good. Please off the Vanilla and cream in a large size!!

  5. Chels

    Please just the vanilla!

  6. Grace Dreyer

    vanilla only – large size – would be my preference

  7. Shirley Brztowski

    I love all the flavored of the creme yogurt cups-especially the banana. Could you make it in 2% milk? My son would like to know if it is gluten free?

  8. Benton Nancy Porter

    My favorite is the vanilla. I am surprised that they don’t make more because it is always in demand. They run out fast! I eat it every day. With the Coronavirus it may be a long wait.

  9. Lilia Lin

    Absolutely love the vanilla & cream, really look forward to have vanilla & cream yogurt by itself without the blueberry as it is my favorite.

  10. Joe

    I like them a lot. but sadly, the indigestion is off the charts when I eat these. and strangely I am not alone, my son has the same issues.

  11. tina

    Please make just the vanilla!!!! We all want more vanilla in a bigger size.

  12. 0lga Taylor

    For myself, I love, love, love the Meyer Lemon flavor. It is so very refreshing!
    But I must say, they are all terrific!

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