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  1. Proncias MacAnEan

    I saw a bottle of the Trader Joe’s Black Berry Spritzer on the new item display. Thought I’d give it a try as I’m quite partial to blackberries, which, unfortunately, was a mistake. At first tasting it’s not bad, but then, within milliseconds, the aftertaste kicks in. And that is something to behold: it has an aftertaste like the beard of an old vagabond who hasn’t showered since the Ford administration; it’s like a pile of autumnal leaves, but not in a nice bucolic way, but leaves which a dog shat in, and then came back and came in, and then a badger died in; or just like the taste one would get from rancid puke that someone vomited in one’s throat while at the same time one was vomiting up because one had just drank some Trader Joe’s Black Berry Spritzer.

    This is not one of their finest hours.

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