Trader Joe’s Blackberry Crush Reviews

(9 customer reviews)

9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Blackberry Crush Reviews

  1. G wag

    My grandson and I thought this was a really great product. Why did you discontinue it?

  2. Baker

    This is a real favorite in our house, but we haven’t seen it at our local store for months.

  3. Achoo

    This stuff is awesome and the only fruit juice I drink other than Trader Joe’s OJ with breakfast. PLEASE PLEASE bring it back!!!

  4. Blackberrycrushdrinker

    This was the best juice you could buy.

  5. Diana

    I hope you bring the blackberry crush back!!! This IS the best juice. The only juice that everyone in my family agrees on.

  6. Thorns

    Yes to all above. Bring back the crush

  7. Claire L. Baker

    Everyone in my family loved this juice. Why did you discontinue it and is there any chance of bringing it back? Please?

  8. Anonymous

    I used to buy this every time I went to Trader Joes

  9. Joan Bennett

    I really miss it I stopped going to Trader Joe’s I was very upset

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