Trader Joe’s Biltong Beef Jerky Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Biltong Beef Jerky Reviews

  1. Sharon

    I love Trader Joe’s and this may be jerky but is nowhere close to biltong. Dreadful.

  2. Lynn

    Unfortunately, one cannot give less than 1 star—this “biltong” is disgusting! It bears no resemblance to authentic South African biltong. TJ’s, please remove this product from your shelves immediately! Eeeeugh!

  3. Mary

    Love it!!!!! Much more flavor than the rest of their jerky selection. It totally reminds me of the biltong my cousin brought back a couple of years ago but this is way better (no chunks of fat).

  4. Ted

    I agree with some of the reviewers above. The stuff is horrible. Biltong isn’t made with salt. It’s always cured with a combination of vinegar and sugar, usually brown sugar.

    As a frequent visitor to South Africa, this product is closer to dog food than to biltong. Some people may say it’s tastier than some of their other beef jerky products, that just reflects badly on their current beef jerky products.

    The only positive thing that I have to say, is that they have a very liberal return policy, so in my excitement after buying three bags of the stuff I returned all free to the store, and got a full and complete refund.

  5. Ted

    Make that “returned all three”

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