Trader Joe’s Banana Nut Clusters Cereal Reviews

(11 customer reviews)

A blend of banana flavored oat clusters, corn flakes, walnuts, and multigrain flakes.

11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Banana Nut Clusters Cereal Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Love it! My favorite from now and on.

  2. Jenifer

    My husband’s favorite as well.
    Alas, they no longer carry it locally in SoCal.
    I wish we could find the original manufacturer and find out if they sell it under a different label / name.

  3. Lorin

    I’m a cereal addict, but a picky one. Banana Nut Clusters was one of the best cereals I’ve ever had! I would buy 3 to 5 boxes every time I visited Trader Joe’s (Woodland Hills, CA). It’s a bit too sweet to eat “straight” (I’m not into super sweet cereals), but was great to mix with Cheerios (or the Trader Joe’s version), Shredded Wheat, or other less-sugary cereals. It’s even better if you add real banana slices. I just called Trader Joe’s corporate office 626-599-3700 to complain that this great product was discontinued (in September 2019). If enough people call to complain about it being discontinued, management might bring it back. Please help!

  4. Matthew

    I’m with Lauren. One of the biggest let Downs in my life has been when you guys discontinued this cereal. Other brands are absolute garbage tasting by comparison. Can’t even eat another banana cereal because this brand ruined all others for me. Bring it back or let me know where I can order a case of it!!

  5. Vinny

    Why did they discontinue this?

  6. Jean

    Please bring back this cereal. My boyfriend keeps telling me about how good it was yet I’m unable to try it. He’s picky when it comes to cereal so it must have been delicious. Thanks

  7. E

    I’m not understanding why you all would violently rob me of happiness by discontinuing this cereal. Please bring it back.

  8. Tom Johnson

    PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE bring back this cereal. My mornings haven’t deen the same since you stole my joy! Seriously, this was the best cereal I’ve ever tasted. I’d buy 8 boxes each visit. Wish I had bought 800 if I knew it was going away. The Maple Pecan Clusters has been my alternative, but just not the same. The makeup of these cereals are similar, so why did the banana get discontinued? To my knowledge, there isn’t a banana shortage.

  9. Jeremy

    Me and my dad would eat this cereal all the time in the morning starting every since about 2015. Ever since it got discontinued me and my dad have never had another fav cereal. All other banana nut cereals are not the same and never will be. Not many people have left reviews but there’s a lot of people that were let down by this. I’m not sure why you guys would ever discontinue the best flavored box out of the whole series of nut cluster boxes at Trader Joe’s. Please bring it back!

  10. Cathy Wilkins

    Please bring back Banana Nut Clusters! I have never found another cereal that can compete with this one — it’s far and away the best cereal I’ve ever had. Please, please bring it back!

  11. Kiyana M. Williams

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring the Banana Nut Clusters BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Whyyyyyyy does every store discontinue my favorites!!!

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