Trader Joe’s Baby Swiss Cheese Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Baby Swiss Cheese Reviews

  1. Nick Warren

    Probably the worst swiss cheese I’ve ever had. I love TJ’s food and brand name items, including their other cheeses, but this one is NOT good. Had a weird aftertaste like it had fallen in dirt.

  2. Jean DeVries

    At least yours was just dirt. Mine smelled and tasted like someone had mixed a giant handful of cow dung in with the milk before making the cheese. That’s a smell that’s going to take a while to get out of my nose. I won’t even throw it in my trash, because my entire house will smell like a cow shat in my house.

    If TJ’s were closer, I’d return it, but instead I’ll probably just find a neighbor I don’t like and throw it under their deck.

  3. Ronjay

    I have really enjoyed TJS feta cheese and also the blueberry goat cheese so my eyes lit up when I saw the delicate baby swiss. I remember trying the cracker barrel version because that’s usually all that is left at my local supermarket after the sale. I was expecting something mild and creamy but got was a pungent farmer’s feet smell. Yes picture a trough filled with cottage cheese and the farmer and his wife relaxing in the cold soothing goo. That’s day 1. On the second day the trough is set out with the cows to pick up some of the open air nuances that shape the unique smell this cheese wizard was aiming for. 3rd day the mixture enjoys a day in the sun where it loses half of its water content and it cracks in random spots for packaging. Thats when you want to capture it in plastic and get it on the shelves. I will be getting my money back for this as it doesn’t meet my lactose standards. I can only imagine some fool making a grilled cheese with this or worse TJS giving out samples of this to people walking in the door. Stop the madness …NOW

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