Trader Joe’s Apple Pie with Lattice Crust Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Apple Pie with Lattice Crust Reviews

  1. Emma

    Very tart, barely any sugar or cinnamon in this. More like a plain baked apple. Fired it into the trash.

  2. Anonymous

    Wife loved it, not over sweetened.

  3. Tom

    I love it. It contains the correct amount of sweet. It makes me sad when I go to trader joe’s and can’t find it on the shelves

  4. Carol

    Perfect. It’s not too sweet and the crust is delicious too. A slice of this apple pie and a cup of tea or coffee makes for a mouth-watering combination.

  5. Al

    Finding hard pieces of shell from the apple core and even a seed while trying to eat a bit of this. Very displeasing. Otherwise the pie itself is just “ok”. A little too tart and the bottom crust isn’t so great.

  6. Dana

    Not recommended. Slightly tart apples and hardly any sugar and spice seasoning within. Filled with too much overcooked apples and pie filling. The surround and top crust is good, not so much the bottom crust.

  7. April Dillon

    Apple Pie Perfection! The filling is perfectly cooked tart apple slices with just enough sugar added and the crust is nice and rich with a perfect flakey crumble!

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