Trader Joe’s Amped-Up Chocolatey Coated Almonds Reviews

(7 customer reviews)

16g of protein per serving.


7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Amped-Up Chocolatey Coated Almonds Reviews

  1. Stephanie Kip

    I’m a chocoholic and these almonds were so horrible I threw them out. They taste like cardboard. Where are the usual $.99 packets of dark chocolate covered almonds near the checkout counter?

  2. Kacee

    These are so NOT good! A bit better if you keep them refrigerated, which helps keep them from tasting so much like dust was mixed in with the chocolate. Please please bring back the regular ones in the 99 cent bags.

  3. MH

    I’m with Stephanie. Threw them into the garbage. So bad.

  4. Tyler Lippman

    Ya’ll are some real Karens… As someone who greatly enjoys fitness and working out, I absolutely love these things, I highly recommend them to everyone trying to find a QUICK, CHEAP, AND TASTY way to add a HUGE extra boost of protein to their daily routine. Much tastier than a lot of alternatives. As a healthy individual who does not eat junk food, this is a LUXURY. A diamond in the rough. An oasis of protein chocolate deliciousness. I can’t believe anyone would throw these away. There are starving humans in every corner who are protein deprived. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Please try these they are so cheap and worth it

  5. Emmett Florence

    Love these. Great high-protein snack. Not too sweet. If you’re looking for candy get the regular dark chocolate almonds. So sad they won’t be selling these anymore.

  6. Judy Chiu

    No guilt & delicious treat! healthy alternative than those high sugar snacks!

  7. Karen

    I love these almonds. For someone that cannot have dairy and has a tough time getting enough protein, these were perfect. Of course, they are not the best chocolate covered treats in the world, but are what I can digest. And they taste amazing, for a “super healthy food”. I am so sad that TJ has discontinued this product.

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