Trader Joe’s Almost Sabich Pita Sandwich Kit Reviews

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With baked eggplant, vegetable blend, pickled cabbage, hummus, pickled mango sauce, and pita bread.

5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Almost Sabich Pita Sandwich Kit Reviews

  1. Orly

    Almost everything is wrong about this sandwich . A proper Sabich should contain thinly sliced eggplant either fried or roasted , chopped Israeli salad, hard boiled egg, tahini spread, and a thick fluffy Israeli style pita. This Sabich kit contains only one of those components ( the eggplant ), and the curry mango sauce is a definite no. While I appreciate the effort, this one comes up short .

  2. Kayla Pile

    I absolutely LOVE this item and I hope it never leaves trader’s! I don’t know what Sabich is, so as the other reviewer stated, this may not be the traditional style.. But I don’t care.. It’s absolutely wonderful. The eggplant is cooked perfectly. The veggies add a really fresh, delicious crunch. The hummus and pickled Cabbage is delicious but my favorite part is the mango sauce. It has almost an Indian/ curry flavor. Not too sweet, just perfect. I love love love this item! Please keep it around, trader’s!

  3. Cindy L

    I had this for lunch today and I haven’t stopped thinking about having this again. It was so tasty and filling! I warmed the pita, which have helped. The previous poster indicated that it may not be an authentic take in the Tel Aviv original, so maybe my ignorance served me well. Having nothing to compare it to, I was able to enjoy my sabich as a first timer. Great flavors and I’ll be buying this again and again.

  4. EO

    Obsessed with this item. It’s one of the best prepackaged meals at TJs!

  5. Chris

    Chris D’elia likes em because this sabich is eh s’bitch.

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