Trader Joe’s Original Almond Milk Beverage Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Original Almond Milk Beverage Reviews

  1. West

    This is my favorite almond milk ever – and I’ve tried at least seven different brands before. As someone who can’t drink milk for dietary reasons, this totally removes any desire I had for “real” milk taste-wise. It tastes even better than dairy milk, and doesn’t have a gross aftertaste (or even worse, overall taste) like a lot of other dairy-free alternatives.

  2. Miguel Praca

    My favorite almond milk. One of a handful of items that keep me coming back to the store multiple times every week. Best quality and taste for unbeatable price.

  3. Ken

    they changed the orignial almond beverage not the same flavor. Does not taste as good.

  4. Stan cooper

    I used to love this stuff. New formulation? Why fix it if it ain’t broke? Looking for new options

  5. Violet

    A staple from Trader Joe’s. Great for folks who want to avoid dairy and want a more neutral tasting almond milk.

  6. Ale

    Love it! Taste delicious. Wish it had better ingredients but still better than other almond milk brands!!

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