Trader Joe’s A Dozen Macarons Varies Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s A Dozen Macarons Varies Reviews

  1. Kathy Payne

    These Macarons made me feel like I was in France! Absolutely the best! Why pay so much more for a baker’s dozen when you can purchase these for the right price. Thank you Trader Joes, now come to Oklahoma City!

  2. Anonymous

    Meh…they all tasted about the same. Good texture, but mostly just sweet with no big pop of flavor

  3. Amanda Bisson

    They ALL have different, distinct an sometimes delicate flavors. The texture is out of this world. This is my FAVORITE dessert item, and I am stocked up. YUMMM!

  4. Joanne

    I love these, and sometimes I even let my husband have 2!!

  5. jack

    many of them are damaged in the box …

  6. boni

    they mainly taste sugar and artificials

  7. Anonymous

    Thought these were pretty good. You get the best flavor at room temp. Good price

  8. Dawnyell


  9. Wes

    These have some interesting flavors, but personally I like the TJ’s frozen chocolate/vanilla macarons a lot better.

    The salted caramel was the only flavor in this pack that I loved — I would eat that one again, but the others were just okay.

  10. Dee DiGiacomo

    Excellent addition to the freezer for those occasions when folks drop in and you’d like a sweet treat to share. Both textures and flavors are spot on.

  11. Marco

    Mist of them are good, just a few i dislike the taste in the packet

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