Trader Joe’s 73% Belgian Dark Chocolate Non-Pareils Reviews

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29 reviews for Trader Joe’s 73% Belgian Dark Chocolate Non-Pareils Reviews

  1. Cindy

    I am a big fan of dark chocolate non-pareils and these did not disappoint me. Delectable, creamy bitter-sweet chocolate with a light crunch makes a perfect treat.

  2. JVBP

    Too good to be true!!

  3. Lois Raitt

    The best! Scrumptious dark chocolate in a nonpareil; they make the rest taste like cardboard.

  4. Anna

    Love these
    Recently some in the package were chocolate only…nopareils on them…white sugar
    They were the best
    Is it possible to have just 73% Belgian chocolate
    Is perfect….my favorite chocolate!!
    Skip the extra sugar not needed
    Thank you

  5. NLB

    Difficult to eat just one! They are delicious!

  6. Tom

    Our favorite chocolates, we have not found anything comparable anywhere even at much higher prices.

  7. Deb

    They were discontinued!!! It was an emotional trip to Trader Joe’s today when they informed me these delicious morsels were discontinued. Responsible parents don’t drink at 10:00 AM when their child is having a meltdown. These chocolates were a socially acceptable alternative. My kids are older now, but these nonpareils got me through many long days. My husband says he can find a replacement – I challenge him to do so. At least I will have lots of chocolate to eat as I quietly (or not) sob while sitting in my corner.

  8. Benjamin

    Trader Joe’s and I are going to have a little break up for a while after my favorite item was discontinued. There’s no substitute for the balanced chocolatiness and crunch of these 73% dark chocolate non-pareils. Farewell non-pareils, farewell TJ’s.

  9. Cari

    Trader Joe’s non pareils are truly my favorite chocolate treat. No other manufacturer can get it right. I usually buy four boxes at a time. What to do now? Can I do anything to change the course of history? Let me know… I’ll do it!

  10. J Hubner

    Too bad that Trader Joe’s has decided to discontinue the dark chocolate Belgian non-pareils. They are my husband’s favorite and weekly chocolate treat.
    I guess I will discontinue shopping at TJ’s.
    P. S. The 5 star review is for the candy, not that TJ’s discontinued them.

  11. D. Lustofin

    Please bring back the Belgian nonpareils!! I cannot have dairy and these are the best little chocolate treats. The other vegan chocolates do not compare. I have been enjoying these for more than 20 years. Please listen to your customers and bring them back. I am really disappointed in TJs. I have been patient with all the supply issues you’ve had but this may be the last straw. What is the excuse for dropping them? I was buying 4 or 5 boxes at a time.

  12. sharon yanaitis

    OMG they are discontinued!!! That is the craziest thing I have heard. My husband and I went yesterday and had to ask where are they………………….GONE!!!!! This can’t be, I love them so much. Please bring them back, please!

  13. Patty S.

    I have been enjoying these delicious dark chocolate non-pareils for years. I was in disbelief when they told me that they had been discontinued. That is impossible! I buy these 4 boxes at a time, and ask for them as birthday and christmas gifts.. I always made a special trip to Trader Joes to buy them. Please bring them back or tell us where we can find them.

  14. Larry Karl

    These are my favorite and I just found out today that they have been discontinued.

  15. Dee Barber

    Noooo! I cannot live without these. They are my secret stash pick me up.

  16. Sylvia Ramer

    Ugh! I’m so very disappointed that TJ’s no longer has the dark chocolate nonpareils! Please bring them back and I’ll be in the store often and buying all sorts of other things. They were the main item that got me through the door.

  17. Rose

    Shocked doesn’t touch it!!! Went in to TJoe’s the other day to buy our normal 4 boxes of the Nonpariels, only to be told they were discontinued!! Please say it isn’t so 🙁 I’ll not be visiting Mr. Joe till they come back!

  18. Anonymous

    The only candy I buy is TJs nonpareils. Hope someone can provide a recommendation of where to buy these.

  19. Janet

    NOTHING compares to the TJ’s nonpareils!!! These have been my favorite TJ product for years, and I’m super disappointed they’ve been discontinued. At least Trader Joes could have given a heads up- I would have cleared the shelf! This is the only chocolate worth eating. I’m so incredibly bummed.

  20. Chery

    Missing in action- TJ’s dark chocolate non-pareils.why why why? Discontinued? Unbelievable. They were our favorites

  21. JT

    Who made the decision to discontinue these? And why oh why☹️☹️☹️

  22. Tammerlynn

    Please bring this item back! I have not found any other comparable. I honestly can’t understand the decision to discontinue a classic candy made with a delicious Belgian chocolate. Anyhow, that’s my vote

  23. So Disappointed in TJs

    PLEASE bring these back!!!!!! We love the dark chocolate and they are healthy for you. Why were they discontinued? We need and want these back on the shelf…please.

  24. MIKE

    I loved the Trader Joe’s Chocolate non-peirles. So sorry they have discontinued. I have to say that was a draw from me to come to the store. Please bring the them back.

  25. PRM

    Oh why did you discontinue my husband’s favorite treat? Please bring them back ASAP!

  26. Anonymous

    I agree folks, I was so disappointed when I found out they where discontinued. My friends and I bought these on a regular basis, nothing compares to this brand of non-pareils.

  27. Cathy

    I rely on these for my daily chocolate fix. They are perfection and my heart broke when I went to buy some today and discovered they had been discontinued. PLEASE bring them back!!!

  28. Joni Blackman

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! How can we get these back??!! They are the best thing on earth.

  29. Debbie Bolton

    Please bring back Trader Joe’s NonPareils !!! They are my favorite!! This is so sad !! Please bring them back !!

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