Trader Joe’s 100% Ginger Drink Mix Reviews

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Contains seven single-serve packets.


1 review for Trader Joe’s 100% Ginger Drink Mix Reviews

  1. Zaida

    I love ginger! It has medicinal properties (antibiotics), it’s used in kombucha, mix it with turmeric, great for belly aches, and warms my soul. I am writing this review because I have tried the name brand tea that barely has ginger flavor. The ingredients in the name brand tea has Organic Ginger Root, lemongrass, licorice root, pepper!mint leaf, black pepper and does not taste like ginger. Trader Joe’s drink mix only has the one ingredient ” ginger powder”! There is another brand that makes ginger crystals which are good but has sugar as an ingredient and it’s too much sugar. Ok, now the flavor of this ginger mix. It’s strong so be prepared. I used one package along with 2 tsp of cocoanut sugar, and POW!

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