Trader Joe’s 100% Ginger Drink Mix Reviews

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Contains seven single-serve packets.


8 reviews for Trader Joe’s 100% Ginger Drink Mix Reviews

  1. Zaida

    I love ginger! It has medicinal properties (antibiotics), it’s used in kombucha, mix it with turmeric, great for belly aches, and warms my soul. I am writing this review because I have tried the name brand tea that barely has ginger flavor. The ingredients in the name brand tea has Organic Ginger Root, lemongrass, licorice root, pepper!mint leaf, black pepper and does not taste like ginger. Trader Joe’s drink mix only has the one ingredient ” ginger powder”! There is another brand that makes ginger crystals which are good but has sugar as an ingredient and it’s too much sugar. Ok, now the flavor of this ginger mix. It’s strong so be prepared. I used one package along with 2 tsp of cocoanut sugar, and POW!

  2. Kuguru

    This is a GREAT product! One way to get dried ginger in a convenient little package to take with you anywhere.

  3. Cristina G

    Wow! this is the good stuff and I will definitely purchase again. 2.99 for 7 packets…well worth it! My belly is happy

  4. AnnaMM

    I love this ginger juice!!! I drink it everyday, first thing in the morning. Soothing and good for my gut

  5. Sylvia

    Love this to settle my stomach and it is lowering my blood pressure too! My BP is poorly controlled—when I feel very tired In the middle of day or after stressful meeting, I measure my BP. If hypertensive stage I (even with three prescription medications), I mix up a packet with water, coconut water, cayenne pepper, and squeezed lemon juice. I love the tangy, spicy taste, soothes my stomach, diminishes any hunger pangs and voila – lowers my BP! I love it. No added sweetners and a good dose of ginger.

  6. Rich

    Not a fan lacks a lot of flavor doesn’t dissolve well either even with warm water

  7. Ethan

    I LOVE it but I’ve been testing my blood glucose 30 minutes after drinking and my blood glucose spiked from 119 to 186! It pains me to say that if it has that impact on my blood glucose I’ll have to stop using it.

    If you watch your blood glucose levels you might want to test this out yourself. Ginger should NOT raise blood glucose. Either there’s unmentioned ingredients or I have some bizarre personal reaction.
    I hope you don’t get the same results I did.

  8. Tanya

    I LOVE this ginger powder and I’m trying to figure out what’s different about it compared to the ginger powder sold and used in Indian cooking.
    Regarding blood glucose levels, I agree and it’s because each sachet contains 14g of carbohydrates. The product description says that it’s a sweeter variety of Thai ginger and that’s the reason, I suppose. I just found out that Thai Ginger is actually Galangal rhizome which is a member of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae) and is also known as Siamese ginger or Thai ginger It’s not the same as the more commonly known Indian ginger. Apparently Galangal has a more woody and citrusy flavor. But I couldn’t find out any information regarding the the Trader Joe’s variety is a sweeter kind. I would like to know more about the carb level of this product.

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