Sweet Rose Coconut Whipped Cream Topping Reviews

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Vegan, lactose and dairy-free, and made with real coconut cream.

16 reviews for Sweet Rose Coconut Whipped Cream Topping Reviews

  1. Melissa

    Taste is fine, but it’s pricy and one whole can barley gave us 3 mugs of hot chocolate coverage—modest whipped top coverage too. Then it just ran out. I was just hoping to use the whipped cream more than once.

  2. Nancy Savarese

    I thought the flavor was excellent…will buy again.

  3. Debi Wittenberg Lee

    I call This whipped topping CRACK! I’m obsessed and completely addicted. I use it with my Explorer Cold Brew ( also my CRACK!). I actually stock up with 3-6 at a time since the way I use it , it runs out quickly and Trader Joe’s is often out of it …. And like I said… I’m obsessed and can’t live without this treat! I figure even if I sneak and use the whole can in one or two cups and eat it like ice crème… it’s only 210 calories

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  10. “dairy” disappointed

    would give this 4 stars if I could get more than 2 pumps out of it. I’m always just left with 90% liquid after 2 uses. Waste of money since it is so expensive. Like having your cake but not being able to eat it too. not an exclusively Sweet rose problem. his is the case for all non-dairy spray whips I have tried thus far.

  11. Tali

    My family has been buying this for over a year now and it’s consistently been delicious! We love it on fruit, pancakes, ice cream and straight out of the can! And the price is reasonable. I hope it never gets discontinued!

  12. a k

    You have one day to use this product then the pump doesn’t work. I’ve bought it several times and had the same issue every single time. The Whip cream is amazing, especially as a dairy-free option but it’s a terrible spray mechanism so not worth it.

  13. Jan.Malizia@yahoo.com

    Not enough COCONUT FLAVOR! Just blah!

  14. JP


  15. Lisa

    Great flavor!

  16. Anonymous

    excellent taste not too sweet and holds perfectly even on top of hot cappucino. Can’t believe the low calories!

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