Sweet Rose Coconut Whipped Cream Topping Reviews

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Vegan, lactose and dairy-free, and made with real coconut cream.

5 reviews for Sweet Rose Coconut Whipped Cream Topping Reviews

  1. Melissa

    Taste is fine, but it’s pricy and one whole can barley gave us 3 mugs of hot chocolate coverage—modest whipped top coverage too. Then it just ran out. I was just hoping to use the whipped cream more than once.

  2. Nancy Savarese

    I thought the flavor was excellent…will buy again.

  3. Debi Wittenberg Lee

    I call This whipped topping CRACK! I’m obsessed and completely addicted. I use it with my Explorer Cold Brew ( also my CRACK!). I actually stock up with 3-6 at a time since the way I use it , it runs out quickly and Trader Joe’s is often out of it …. And like I said… I’m obsessed and can’t live without this treat! I figure even if I sneak and use the whole can in one or two cups and eat it like ice crème… it’s only 210 calories

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