Suzie’s Real Organic Mayo Reviews

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Mayonnaise not made by Trader Joe’s, but sold at many Trader Joe’s locations.

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5 reviews for Suzie’s Real Organic Mayo Reviews

  1. Anonymous TJshopper

    I have food allergies and this mayonnaise is one of the few I can eat AND it’s delicious, creamy mayonnaise. When you can find it at Trader Joe’s, it’s reasonably affordable. I have been unable to find it at Sprout’s or Whole Foods.

  2. Jorge Guerra

    great Mayonnaise almost like home made best i ever taste i hope you keep it in stock

  3. marie fumagalli

    I also have food allergies and Susies Organic Mayo is the only one I can use. Lately Trader Joes in Plainview, New York has been out of stock for a few months. When will you receive new shipment.

  4. Janet Marie Olfe

    Creamy, rich, like homemade. I wish I could always find it at TJ’s.

  5. Cece

    Suzie’s Real Organic Mayo is exquisite. Trader Joe’s carried it for a while (in NJ), but I can’t find a store that carries it now. So disappointed. Trader Joe’s has its own Organic Mayo but it’s hideous…it tastes as if it were made with cod liver oil. Who eats the stuff? Gag worthy. I hope they reintroduce Suzie’s. Can’t find it anywhere and I don’t want to order it online now that it’s summer. Let’s spread the mayo love people!

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