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8 reviews for Simpler Times Pilsner Reviews

  1. Helicodicerous Muscivorous

    This is swill. Almost flat, and about half as sweet as a Pepsi. Don’t know what the flavor is. Djfficult to imagine anybody considering themselves a brewer would produce this product. Unless I got a spoiled batch? Should a beer drinker every have to ask that qjuestion?

  2. Arroyo TJ’s Shopper

    This is a great with food beer for the price. It must be VERY cold. It goes great with most foods, which is how I like my beer. By itself, not so great. But for $4/six pack it’s way better than other cheap beers.

  3. EJ

    Horrible nasy tasting crap. Trader Joe’s FAIL, big time.

  4. Alan Jones

    Had to be spoiled. No beer could taste that bad. Worse than the one time I tried to brew my own.

  5. dDub

    Technically this isnt not a beer, but thats all i can say about it thats positive. Simpler Times Pilsner is a dumpster fire of a beer, especially for being marketed as a pilsner. You may find it drinkable (i threw most of it out) but it is NOT a pilsner. Its more copper in color than should be, no head, but the real deal breaker is the yeast. If the brewer actually used a pilsner yeast it was fermented in a dumpster at 89 degrees. There are clovey phenols you could barely get away with in a hefeweizen, plus a little bug spray in the aroma. Wish i spent another buck or so on the Bitburger or even stopped somewhere else for PBR.

  6. Jerry Kastler

    No, no, NO! This is not good. If you just want the effect and don’t care about taste this will do the job. But it is not a beer you will want to drink again. Good news, it didn’t cost much. Makes Naty Ice seem good.

  7. NOVA

    Good price, but not a Pilsner. Too dark, not carbonated enough, and lacked crispness. Drinkable if very cold.

  8. Idan

    100% worst beer I have ever drank in my life. I should have been alarmed by the low price but went for it b/c generally Trader Joe’s delivers ok with their brands. But this is def the worst fail ever and the beer is just horrible. I’d drink anything over this junk. Whoever approved this for should be fired and I’d love to know if they actually drink this junk. Harsh review? Yes but it’s the cold hard truth.

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