Secco Peach Bellini Wine Reviews

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6 reviews for Secco Peach Bellini Wine Reviews

  1. jaf

    Bought the one labeled “Peach”. It turned out to be grapefruit. Disappointing.

  2. SONJA

    sweet and tasty…….I enjoyed it very much

  3. Linda l

    Love the grapefruit taste, but definitely grapefruit. But the cap is so difficult to remove it’s not worth the time. Maybe it’s easier than I can figure out but haven’t been able to remove it easily.

  4. Anonymous

    I loved the peach secco. Unfortunately it’s now past tense. This was the best flavor of the bunch, so of course it’s discontinued.

  5. R

    This is sooo good. I had a bottle in my fridge, afraid to try it. Now, I’m sorry I didn’t try it sooner. Is a nice blend of Prosecco with a sweet peach flavor!

  6. Anonymous

    I would give this 5 stars for all the past bottles I’ve emptied, but this last bottle had a weird yellow residue from laying it down for too long (probably). Went online to read up on whether the residue is ok or not but can’t find anything on this particular brand/type of beverage. I’m a bit worried this stuff might need to be filtered.

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