Pronto Amaro Aperitivo Bitter Liqueur Reviews

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48 proof, 24% alcohol by volume. Product of Italy. 750ml bottle.


6 reviews for Pronto Amaro Aperitivo Bitter Liqueur Reviews

  1. David Samuel Tanner

    Excellent amaro, similar in flavor to Campari with a little more orange / fruit flavor and with the bitter note coming in later, but with an equally nice kick at the end.

  2. Mary

    It’s surprisingly good. I made a Negroni with it and it had the perfect amount of bitter bite. A steal for $11.99.

  3. SSgt D.A. Williams

    Notes of orange and herbs, a perfect balance between sweetness and traditional bitter. Compares favorably to Campari or Aperol, in fact in find it preferable. Try it with gin and a splash of soda over ice with a twist of lemon or orange peel.

  4. Val Moise

    Stop spreading the news, let it be a secret or this will disappear fast from Trader Joe’s

  5. Mars

    Unbelievable! was leery of trying this since it’s about a third of the price of Campari but was pleasantly surprised. Makes a great Negroni. Nice tang of bitterness and orange flavor.

  6. B

    As good as compari

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