Meikakuna Japanese Whisky Reviews

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Blended whiskey from Japan.


6 reviews for Meikakuna Japanese Whisky Reviews

  1. Z

    Was a bit disappointed with this whiskey. It’s a pretty complex flavor, with notes of caramel and I swear a bit of balsamic which I didn’t necessarily enjoy.

  2. Matt

    Very solid for the price point. Complex and oaky for a minimum of three years.

  3. Ron A

    Great taste, complex with a good balance. Nice finish with a linger on the palate.

  4. K

    There are many “fake” Japanese whiskies lately, and this is one of them.
    Chinese and Russian people import different whiskies from overseas, and just bottle them in Japan,
    and export as Japanese whisky.
    You cannot find these fake Japanese whiskies in Japan.
    You should avoid whiskies other than Suntory and Nikka.

  5. Steve

    Decent but overpriced. At the $30 price point you will enjoy Monkey Shoulder better.

  6. Sandy

    New to whiskey, but I really like this one. Very smooth with that slight oak taste.

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