Howling Gourds Pumpkin Ale Reviews

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6 reviews for Howling Gourds Pumpkin Ale Reviews

  1. Kurt Gottschalk

    There actually is a pumpkin flavor, not just nutmeg, clove, Cinnamon. I’m also picking up sodium.

  2. Jenny Bruseaux

    No better beer to enjoy while carving pumpkins with the grandkids. I plowed through a cold sixer of these and made the best jack o’lantern of my life. Halloween will never be the same once you imbibe on this seasonal gem.

  3. Aaron in Portland

    I found it undrinkable! Truly repulsive.

  4. Dong Thiccnesse

    I’m not sure what Aaron meant. I’m also from Rose City, and as a bar owner I can assure you that this brewski is one of the very best in the Pac NW. Find a better beer, then let me know.

  5. Yubans Moon

    I really don’t know what Aaron’s issue with the beer is!?! This brewski is a real American beer far and away better than Coors and Bud. Buy this when you see it!!!

  6. Graham Carruthers

    This made me vomit on my wall tapestry after two drinks.

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