GT’s Orange Peach Mango Aqua Kefir Reviews

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9 reviews for GT’s Orange Peach Mango Aqua Kefir Reviews

  1. Yuliia Koziakova


  2. Jason Frederick

    Drank this bottle on an empty stomach on a warm day. I have now been peeing from my bottom for 2 days, it was like taking a bowel preparation for a colonoscopy. Are you supposed to drink the whole 16 ounce bottle at once? Sheesh!

  3. Lynne

    I love this kefir! I do not drink but 1/4-1/2 bottle a day, not all at once. I just love the taste!!

  4. Marion

    Amazing taste! My new favorite drink, it’s so refreshing.

  5. Shiho

    Wow! I need this in my life everyday. Wish I discovered this sooner. This flavor is amazing too!

  6. Evelyn

    Contains erythritol. I wouldn’t have bought this if I had read the label before purchasing. Recent studies show there is a strong association of erythritol consumption and blood clots/coronary events. See article by Cleveland Clinic.

  7. Violet

    Absolutely delicious! Another hit from the GT’s brand. I’m so happy that Trader Joe’s carries them. The bottle is generously sized and it’s enough to split into 2 servings.

  8. Jane

    I love this product! I drink one everyday! I would like to order it by the case, but can’t find anywhere to purchase it, except for Trader Joe’s by the bottle!

  9. Zara

    Literally my favorite drink Trader Joes has, I would be devastated if this got discontinued. It’s much healthier than other stuff you can get and let me tell you, even my 50 year old dad likes this and we have completely different tastebuds. It’s like a fizzy sweet concentrated juice. This beverage is my absolute favorite!!

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