Du Good Chocolate Almond Keto Fudge Bites Reviews

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Not made by Trader Joe’s, but sold at some Trader Joe’s locations. 1g total sugar per serving, and 6g protein per serving.

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9 reviews for Du Good Chocolate Almond Keto Fudge Bites Reviews

  1. Robin

    If you have a chocolate craving these are a great choice. Very satisfying and individually wrapped so you wont eat the whole bag. Great new product at Trader Joes! 5 *****

  2. Anonymous

    Seems like Trader Joe’s discontinued this item…so sad, they were my fave

  3. Pamela

    Being a diabetic, these were my go to when I had a chocolate craving. Trader Joe’s has discontinued them. There is not much of a chose for diabetics especially when all they have now is a sugar free candy bar that has a lot of carbs. I am very sad.

  4. Ann B

    I am very disappointed that this Keto snack has been discontinued. Please bring them back!

  5. Em J

    I also am very sad that TJ has discontinued carrying these. Please bring them back?

  6. Chris

    My fav snack and ate one daily! Please bring them back!!

  7. Keto

    I agree with everyone else! These were a favorite of my family on Keto. Very sad to have seen them discontinued. I doubt they will come back at this point but thought I would chime in anyway!

  8. Ray Kelly

    Simply the best product for my post-dinner sugar cravings. Please TJ’s bring ’em back — or at least share the recipe with us:)

  9. Patricia exley

    PLEASE bring them back!!~!!!

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