Corvelia Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Reviews

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17 reviews for Corvelia Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Reviews

  1. cal

    great wine , but hard to find

  2. Leila

    this wine is AMAZING

  3. Robert F.

    One can not buy a good Cab for $9.99 period. This wine is rot gut quality
    There are much better values out there. Awful. Very disappointing.

  4. Chef M

    Price is hardly indicative of quality. Had it in a blind tasting and it beat out a number of $20 to $40 Cabs. There were a number of surprised expert palates in the panel. Is it better than Silver Oak? No, but it is full bodied and has well balanced dark fruits with integrated tannins.

  5. Dina

    Great tasting wine with sweet plum undertones. Well priced.

  6. Sandra

    A tremendous value! Black cherries, soft tannins, velvety….absolutely delicious! I am going back to Trader Joe’s for more!

  7. Millie Bisono

    For an everyday cab this is it…If you find it buy it. Bought two for a dinner party went back nest week to buy a case and it was sold out. I have bought much more expensive and been less satisfied. This is a great buy.

  8. Anonymous

    This was brought to my house by a dinner guest. I think it’s an amazing Cab! I am having trouble finding it, though.

  9. Hoenkeau

    Rich, lucious wine , excellent with grilled ribeye steak. I hope to procure more from Trader Joe’s if I can.

  10. Tetiana Rogers

    Absolutely love it!

  11. Bobby B

    Overheard cashier lady recommending the wine to another customer. Bought a couple, then went back and bought a couple of cases. I agree with Millie’s take on the wine. It’s a good everyday cab. Is it the best? of course not! I do think it’s the best value though. So this is for Robert F (review Nov 1, 2021), Tell me, ‘What are the better values out there?’ You forgot to mention that, lol

  12. Ginny

    Good for the price – we can be ‘wine snobs’ at times also (Prisoner is our fav) but this one is not bad for an everyday drinking wine and of course, always tastes better on day two (and sometimes even day 3)!

  13. Grace

    Good, as others said not the very very best but super tasty for sure and the price is ridiculous.

  14. marino

    Guys .. is it possibile that anytime all wait for me to trouble shoot the evident GAP of missing the Vintage ? lot 20 usually in wineries means the position of the vineyard not the age …

  15. Duriel A Carr

    Very satisfying
    Excellent! Or, just for relaxation/pairing with food

  16. Napa Vic

    A great every day Cab at a very affordable price. Well worth trying a bottle if you haven’t discovered it!

  17. Alberto V.

    Wonderful wine ,but unavailable some time

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