Chianti Red Wine Artisan Salami Reviews

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5 reviews for Chianti Red Wine Artisan Salami Reviews

  1. Christie H.

    Good, rich depth of flavor. Nice & convenient that it a shelf-stable product, which is completely safe for a dried meat item like this. A little fattier than I like, but I like my meats on the lean side.

  2. Ria Geary

    Stellar*_ this one was definitely the best
    tasting compared to three other
    brands I tried…

  3. Juniper

    Found multiple pieces of metal in the meat. Bit into a slice and just about broke my tooth. Buyers beware

  4. tn

    Maybe my taste is unrefined, but it tasted like the smell of a dogs breath.

  5. Sausage King

    Very good for price, lots of flavor and good meat to fat ratio. Pairs best with cheese and wine, but also great camping food. The cherry on top is no nitrites or other preservatives beside salt.

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