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7 reviews for Castello Soft Blue Cheese Reviews

  1. L

    Perfection in every bite! Room temp is the best way to eat, although right out of the refrigerator works well, too. Great blend of pleasant tastes and creamy consistency.
    My favorite cheese in case.

  2. Rosemarie Ballance

    This is my most favorite cheese and I use to buy at Trader Joe’s. It’s been months now and it looks like they no longer carry. Where can I once again obtain my most favorite cheese in the whole world?

  3. Robert l Blayden

    I just found out 3/11/19 they quit carrying Costello cheese last October.
    I’m looking to find where to buy it also.

  4. Pamela Pandapas

    I am also looking to find out where I can get the triple creme bleu. Ordering online is just not practical!

  5. Christian


  6. Dixie Lee Mattos

    I also want to know where to find it. So sorry that Trader Joe quit caring it.

  7. William Bracey

    The best cheese that Trader Joe had. Too expensive at other supermarkets. TJ has a habit of dropping my favorite products. Cambozola is similar, but not as good, and pricier. Cashel blue? I have never seen that in their stores.

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