Bee & You Propolis Raw Honey Throat Spray Reviews

(3 customer reviews)

Breath freshener with 6% pure propolis.

Not made by Trader Joe’s, but sold at some Trader Joe’s locations.

3 reviews for Bee & You Propolis Raw Honey Throat Spray Reviews

  1. A Goodwin

    Excellent product to combat outside pathogens; tasty too. Can’t stop at just two sprays.

  2. Chris Jones

    This product really kills the germs. My throat was on fire and when I sprayed it, my throat got worse for a few seconds but the spray killed what was making my throat sore pretty quickly. I love this product and highly recommend it to everyone!

  3. Heather Austin

    Where has this product been all my life? If I have a sore throat or any general throat discomfort, a few sprays if this takes care of it. This is a more natural alternative to one of those nasty cough syrups! Plus, it tastes good and even gives you fresh breath! This product is a must in everyone’s medicine cabinet.

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