Trader Joe’s Organic Raw Honey Reviews

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13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Raw Honey Reviews

  1. Wes

    I love this honey – it’s a great texture and perfect authentically sweet taste.

  2. Caitlin

    Best honey ever! This is real, honest to goodness raw honey. Wonderful when spread on toast or any type of baked good, and also tastes great added to homemade recipes.

  3. Joan langford

    I got a taste of molasses. Will not buy again.

  4. Anmol Puri

    The system should allow 0 stars. 1 star is way to much. I am shocked to see the reviews that say that it has authentic taste.

    This product’s labeling is so sneaky and misleading. It says organic raw honey on the package and even on the list of Ingredients but in nutrition facts it says added 17 g sugar.

    Ingredients should specifically say- Honey, Sugar. Extremely misleading. It like eating spoonful of sugar. Horrible! Didn’t expect this from Trader Joe’s.

  5. Joe

    Trader Joe’s Organic Raw Honey , with 17g of SUGAR added is completely misleading. Will never buy anything with Trader Joe’s on it. Rating 0 stars

  6. Anonymous

    I found it strong to taste, and seemed to cause gas pain which is rare for me.

  7. Anonymous

    I believe this honey is of great quality. The consistency strongly suggests this honey is indeed raw, as the lack of processing is conducive to crystallization and a harder texture. Additionally, the honey had a strong ‘honey’ taste, which also suggests purity as many manufacturers add sugar, thus cutting the taste.

    To those butthurt over the ‘added sugar’ in the nutrition facts: Added sugar is FDA speak for sugar that is in excess to what is naturally appropriate for our diet, NOT extra sugar added to the product itself.

  8. Anonymous

    Weird, unpleasant aftertaste. I really wanted to like this but the flavor is too overpowering. I’ll stick with local, Bay Area honey.

  9. Anonymous

    According to the FDA, added sugars are sugars that are either added during the processing of foods or sugars that are packaged as such, including free monosaccharides such as fructose, disaccharides such as sucrose, and sugars from syrups and honey. This definition means that pure honey and pure maple syrup are considered to be added sugars (regardless of their natural origins, packaging, or how they are consumed) and must be conveyed on the Nutrition Facts label as added sugars.

  10. 40

    Best raw honey ever

  11. Anonymous

    17g added sugar… do not specify what type of sugar… might be destroying the actual honey.. misleading label …

  12. Micale

    Trader Joe changed the texture of the Raw Honey. It’s all liquid now. Just like that they change it thinking we will not notice. I’ll be buying mine at whole food now. Returning the unopened jar. Very deceitful.

  13. Ella H Oblas

    I guess it’s OK, but the source of the added sugars of 17 g is not revealed. Also it mystified me that the included sugars totals 17 g implies that this raw honey doesn’t contain any sugars on its own if the sugar wasn’t added!

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