Barbara’s Original Multigrain Spoonfuls Cereal Reviews

(9 customer reviews)

Not made by Trader Joe’s, but sold at various Trader Joe’s locations. Non-GMO, whole grain, heart healthy, and a good source of fiber.

9 reviews for Barbara’s Original Multigrain Spoonfuls Cereal Reviews

  1. Robert Kranz

    For many years Multigrain Spoonfuls have been my favorite cereal. I eat it 7 days a week for breakfast with fresh berries and skim milk when I’m not traveling. Trader Joe’s has offered the 24 oz box for $3.99 for years. Other retailers charge $3.99 for the 14 oz box. Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s no longer seems to carry this product. They have the Puffins and the Oak Crunch, neither of which I care for.

  2. SR

    I agree; it is my favorite cereal but I can’t find it a TJs anymore. Makes me go elsewhere!

  3. Philip L Wimer

    This and Oat Crunch are great and have been sold at a good price at Trader Joe’s for years. Unfortunately, they’re no longer there! What happened?

  4. Dale LaFrance

    My favorite cereals Barbaras multigrain and Oat Crunch…I heard you dropped it because the manufacturer raised their price…so what…all prices are going up…Trader Joes isn’t the cheapest place to shop (nor the most expensive)…I go there for the unusual selections and you keep cutting those selections of things I’ve been buying there for 30 years…almost no longer a reason to drive the 25 miles to go there…

  5. Tom Bridges

    Trader Joe’s did not quit carrying Multigrain Spoonfuls, they are just having problems getting it. I’ve been calling Barbara’s and Trader Joe’s and they keep giving me different dates for availability. Call Barbara’s and hound them. I too love this cereal.

  6. imnjup

    sickly sweet taste. i had to throw it out.

  7. Mike Dee

    I bought a 24 oz box of Spoonfuls at the Eugene OR TJs this August, on vacation — the only time I’ve seen it at TJ’s this year. Delicious and healthful.

  8. Peter

    Just called Orem Utah TJ’s and they said this item is discontinued!?!?!!! This is my fav cereal & need to buy more. What am I going to do? I’m not paying outrageous prices on Amazon 3rd party sellers for it. Please bring it back TJ’s

  9. Shannon NC

    Where has the best cereal gone?! I’ve been hunting for more Spoonfuls for the last year or so… soo disappointed TJ stopped carrying it! I would be willing to pay more as Whole Foods 60 mins away from me sells a much smaller box for over $7… the only cereal my family of 6 agreed upon:-(

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