Barbara’s Original Morning Oat Crunch Cereal Reviews

(8 customer reviews)

Not made by Trader Joe’s, but sold at many Trader Joe’s locations.

8 reviews for Barbara’s Original Morning Oat Crunch Cereal Reviews

  1. Paul Brozek

    Great oat cereal. We have not seen it recently at the Hadley, MA location. Hoping it returns soon

  2. Mark

    March 2022 no longer carried by TJ’s, unfortunately

  3. Rob

    DISCONTINUED AT TRADER JOES AFTER DECADES, END OF A GOOD ERA. CALL BARBARA’S, if you want it back, maybe they’ll listen ?????

  4. Tim Fisher

    I really like that cereal. I have enjoyed it for many years and so appreciated that Trader Joe’s carried it.
    I am bummed they decided to stop carrying it. I asked someone yesterday at the local Trader Joe’s and they don’t even indicate that it’s discontinued.

  5. Dave Waechter

    Barbara’s Oat Crunch cereal is the only bkft cereal I eat. Local TJ says it doesn’t move off the shelf, but I buy 4-6 boxes the scarce times its on the shelves, and that’s become rare. I seen it at Whole Foods, but they carry the smaller box only. Guess I need to change my ‘main’ store! I don’t see not being able to move this product with the amount of positive comments about it I see, as well as my own love of it, I think they are missing the boat on this product!!

  6. Bostonrunner

    Barbara’s Oat Crunch is no longer carried by Trader Joe’s. We cannot find it at any of locations we visited in Boston and Western Mass. If management is listening, this cereal has a strong loyal following. It was your only oat square cereal. Please place it back on the shelf!

  7. MaryAnn

    Barbara’s Morning Oats Cereal no longer carried at Trader Joe’s in Delray Beach, Fl. Very sad. It’s the only cereal I’ve eaten for years

  8. JT

    Great cereal and have been buying it for many years at TJ’s. However I was told by a store manager they are discontinuing it and no value reason given. They still carry other Barbara’s cereals, but dropped the best one. Really disappointed in TJ’s at times as they discontinue products that clearly sell well. The one star is for TJ’s not the cereal, as it is a 5 star product.

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