Wholly Gluten-Free 9″ Pie Shells Reviews

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Made in a dedicated bakehouse, ready to bake at home. Doesn’t contain any of the top 8 allergens.

3 reviews for Wholly Gluten-Free 9″ Pie Shells Reviews

  1. Laura Devereaux

    Love these! I wish they were available all year. I use them for pies, quiches, and pot pies. They reheat well

  2. Carol Diff

    I love these gluten free pie shells. What times of the year are they available? I have to travel to Trader Joe’s and would appreciate knowing when I might find the Wholly Gluten Free Pie Shells.

  3. marilyn

    These are great pie crusts and especially great for gluten free. I use them for quiche and they are delicious.

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