Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Reviews

  1. Stewart G.

    Long story short: if you need to adhere to a gluten-free diet, this is good! But if you aren’t strictly gluten-free, you’d probably prefer a different option.

    For being a gluten-free dessert, it’s pretty good. It has a nice pumpkin spice taste, and doesn’t totally crumble apart the way many gluten-free breads and desserts do. However, the texture is still not quite up to par in terms of soft/melt-in-your-mouth style as I would expect from a typical bread loaf dessert that wasn’t gluten free.

    If you’re not gluten-free, it’s totally still edible – not gross or anything, just not amazing from a non-GF perspective.

  2. Sue K.

    Very surprisingly delicious. Gluten free for my niece, but we all shared. It was moist and lite, not too sweet and not a heavy dessert bread. it was delicious with after dinner coffee and a little cream cheese spread on top. Will have this for Christmas also, if its still on the shelf.

  3. Anne Sukoenig

    I Love this ! picked up a loaf last week. Today they told me it’s out of season already and they won’t get more. There are tons of choices for Gluten eaters there now – none for us that can’t have Gluten – trader joe’s up you game we need things like this for more that one week in a season !!!!

  4. Roni Todd

    Love this bread and I’m also gluten free. This is an important part of our diet with our problem. Ok some things season out but we really need this please bring it back for those afflicted with this disorder. Thanks so much

  5. Leigh

    The worst thing about this product is that it’s too dry. There isn’t enough moisture. Quick breads like this are supposed to be moist. Same problem with the banana bread or any other sweet bread like this that they carry. The taste is pretty good, though a tad bit sweet (sugar is the 2nd ingredient).

  6. Melody

    I have Celiac so eating gluten free is not just a diet choice, but a must. The bread has a great pumpkin flavor but is slightly dry and the outer edges are a bit chewy. I do like that it is not crumblely like most gluten free bakery options .

  7. Victor

    Considering all other gluten free products out there, this works! Yes it’s dry in texture but I sliced it up heated in my toaster oven with morning coffee and was a happy camper. The spices in the bread was a home run. Great job.

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