Well Nutrition Gaba 250mg Reviews

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7 reviews for Well Nutrition Gaba 250mg Reviews

  1. Tara

    I tried this on a whim, and was very surprised to find that my chronic anxiety was reduced drastically. Tried another brand after this ran out, and it didn’t work.

  2. Melissa

    This stuff is great!! Totally relaxes me when I’m stressed or feeling irritable. I’m amazed how well it works. Highly recommend!!

  3. shelby

    Great price for GABA. Keeps my anxiety in check.

  4. Judith

    I’m taking this for intense nerve pain and am surprised that it works. It doesn’t make the pain go away completely like a narcotic does, but it makes it a significant difference. I take 2 per day in the evening.

  5. Carmen Benavides

    Helped me alot with my anxiety problem. I am very thankful for this product.

  6. Kim

    Love this. Unfortunately, TJ’s has discontinued it. This happens to me all the time. Very frustrating!

  7. Frank

    What an excellent product. I’ve tried gaba from a variety of brands but this is the best by far. I don’t know how there can be such differences in this but there are. It really super.

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