Well Nutrition 5-HTP 100mg Reviews

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2 reviews for Well Nutrition 5-HTP 100mg Reviews

  1. Sherri K

    I bought this because of it’s good price. I am not sure, however if it is a quality, or effective supplement. I have been taking it for a week, with no positive side-effects, in fact, no changes at all. I take double the recommended dosage.

  2. Cynthia

    I have tried other name brands and felt the diffference in helping with sleep occasionally. I only take it once in a while, because it stops working if I take it everyday. I think this might be a lower quality product, maybe because it is in tablet form as opposed to powder in a capsule. I wonder if it is harder to absorb, because I feel nothing from this. Maybe I will try a higher dosage. I tried this one, because it was cheap, but I think it is worth it to pay more for a name brand from a health food store.

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