Trader Joe’s Winter Wake Up Tea Reviews

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A spicy black tea blend of cinnamon and ginger.

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Winter Wake Up Tea Reviews

  1. msegal

    Perfect name for this warming spicy blend. I wish TJ’s would make an herbal/decaf blend too.

  2. Lina kabbara

    Best tea I have had in a long time, so sad I could not find it today why does it have to be seasonal ??? Please bring it back

  3. Connie “drinks tea daily now”

    I’ve nver a big tea drinker, but Trader Joe’s Winter Wake Up tea has changed that! I tried it during one of my visits as part of a sample pairing. I thought “that’s yummy” I’ll get a box for when I feel I want a cup of tea. That was Thanksgiving time and just after New Years, I’ve gone through 4 boxes!! I’m in love with the flavor of this tea. I would love to see it be offered year round. I now am a 2 cups a day tea drinker!

  4. CJOlean

    Trader Joe’s it’s still winter in Western NY! But your Winter Wake Up tea is gone from my TJs! Insert sad face here _.

  5. Iya Oyu

    Greetings Everyone!

    I’m an avid tea drinker. I have never come across this tea in my life.
    Very seldom do I drink any tea with cinnamon. I tried this tea and it was so delicious and soothing. It is really rich with flavor. After Jasmine, this “Winter Wake Up” tea is my second favorite. It is truly an amazing and magical blend of tea. I give this tea blend 5 Stars.

  6. Anonymous

    loved this tea! Just tried it. was afraid it would be too spicy but it was perfect!

  7. suzie

    I love this tea!!! I drink black tea every afternoon and this just warms my heart! It’s like Christmas in a cup!

  8. Marian

    This is one of two best teas ever in my opinion. Is it out yet? My location does not have any this season yet. Where is it TJ’s? It’s November now. I know it is warm here (Austin) but we still like our Winter Tea!

  9. Shannon Tiernan

    This one of the BEST teas I’ve had! This should be available longer… I definitely didn’t buy enough! 🙁

  10. Karen Mansfield

    Not as happy this year as I have been in the past. I think it definitely has less flavor. It does not have the “special” factor. I’m on the first of my 5 boxes that I bought to get me through winter so maybe it’s a bad batch. Wondered if anyone else is disappointed?

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