Trader Joe’s White Truffle Popcorn Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s White Truffle Popcorn Reviews

  1. GEND

    While I enjoy truffle everything, for some reason I found this hard to finish! I don’t know what it was, but the popcorn was tasty I just think it gets old pretty fast

  2. Karen Cody

    Loved the taste, but ended up throwing the bag away because it had more hard kernels of popcorn than eatable popcorn. I value my teeth too much to stress about broken Teeth while trying to enjoy the actual yummy taste of truffle.

  3. Eli E

    so good that i got scared and had to stop because I went through half the bag in one sitting

  4. Nathan Herrera

    Can’t say these were very good tasting. Gave me an upset stomach with bloating. Causing reverberation of the taste. Only had three handfuls. I love popcorn but never experienced anything like this.

  5. Jen W

    The flavor was so good but there were too many hard kernels. Bought another 2 bags in case my first bag was a fluke, but le sigh all the bags were 99% hard kernels and/or kernel flakes that end up under your gums – yikes!

  6. SW Hemingway

    Completely addictive! Wonderful product, but where did it go? Please bring it back if this isn’t temporary!

  7. Erica

    One of my TJ favs!

  8. Erica PM

    One of my TJ favs! When will it be back in stock?!

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