Trader Joe’s Vitamin C Crystals Reviews

(24 customer reviews)

24 reviews for Trader Joe’s Vitamin C Crystals Reviews

  1. ousmane

    i like it

  2. Sally

    I put this Vit. c powder in my morning shakes! Great way to get extra Vit. C in your daily diet!

  3. Joshua Denton

    I love this stuff, but I can not find it in Syracuse, NY.

    What is up?

  4. Don

    The best I have been using it for the past 10 years and give it to my Dogs. It also helps prevent burned lawns when my dogs do there business. I was just told by the store clerk that it has been dropped no longer available. What a shame.

  5. christina

    I have used this product plus suggest the same for my clients !
    I do hope that you keep carrying this product in your stores.

    I live in New Mexico !

  6. jim

    Discontinued as of 11/2016 in California.

  7. mary wold

    have used this for years and love it! WHY has it been discontinued in CA?? how can we californians get it????

  8. Tina Kimmel

    Per TJ Customer Relations:

    “We have discontinued the Vitamin C Crystals in our stores due to slow sales. Because our stores have such limited space, if an item does not meet a minimum sales volume, we will discontinue it in order to bring in something we think will sell better. However, I will pass your comments on to our buyers for consideration. From time to time, if there is enough outcry to bring back a discontinued item and we are able to do so, we will give it another run.”

    So PLEASE contact them and complain!

  9. Bill S

    PLEASE don’t discontinue this product!
    Just advertise it…it is such a GOOD VALUE.

  10. Steve

    I went into a few different Trader Joe’s in CA recently and said to myself, what the heck? I was a regular buyer of this product. In fact, I found other products in the store that I liked and was buying them on a regular basis as well.

    PLEASE bring this back!!! The 1000mg tablet version just doesn’t cut it for how I used this product to fight colds.

  11. Jamila Tyler

    Please bring this product back. The best Vitamin C crystals brand I have ever tried. Others just do not compare. Please bring it back !!!

  12. Veronica Martin

    Please don’t discontinue this product my hasband has been using it for the past 15 years and we love it. When he had his Colonscopsy his doctor said he had the cleanest pink healthy Colon he had ever seen in the 25 years of being a doctor. My husband told him he had been taking trader Joe’s vitamin C crystals Powder for 15 years and his doctor told him to keep taking it. His doctor was going to recommend it to his other patients. Please don’t stop selling this product it really works.

  13. Laurie Holden

    Been a faithful purchaser of this product for probably 20 years. Hardly ever get sick. Please don’t discontinue this!

  14. Matt Stahl

    To all who are upset about the discontinuation of Trader Joe’s vitamin C crystals: Take heart. It is sold on Amazon for even less. It’s about $22.00 for a kilo, i.e. 2.2 lbs. I was mortified when TJ’s discontinued it too, but I checked Amazon and bingo. I try to shop on Amazon as infrequently as possible, but hey, this is out of necessity.

  15. a

    is it ok to use past the date? very acidic on teeth?
    none in ca still?

  16. M Collins

    Please bring it back!

  17. Bob

    Evidently they have discontinued it in all stores. Can’t even find it on Amazon like a previous comment indicated. Have been using as a vitamin supplement for my dog since she was a pup and was recommended by the breeder. Very disappointed.

  18. Sharyn Evans

    Please bring back the vitamin c crystals!!!! I have used it for almost 20 years. I haven’t found any others that are just as good. I am so mad that Trader Joe’s discontinued it!

  19. JW Crouch

    I like the stuff but wonder what country it comes from. Is this Vitamin C from China?

  20. Anonymous

    Used this product for over a decade. Wish they’d restock it.

  21. Ruth Kaempf

    I too am extremely upset that TJ’s discontinued this product. I have used it since it appeared on the stores’ shelves, even before my town got its own TJs. I estimate it has been about 20 years. Please bring it back, thank you.

  22. Sandra

    Used TJ C Crystals for approx. 20 years. Recommended to those interested in vit. & health matters. Very disappointed discontinued in Southern CA. PLEASE BRING BACK.

  23. Deanna

    Please bring back the Vitamin C Crystals! I found out today when I went to buy more that is has been discontinued for quite a while. It was a great product!

  24. Walter Johnson

    When will trader joe bring this back. I used TJ powdered vitamin C for a decade

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