Trader Joe’s Vegan Shepherd’s Pie Reviews

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Green lentils, mushrooms, butternut squash, and kale in a savory gravy with a mashed cauliflower and potato topping.

4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Vegan Shepherd’s Pie Reviews

  1. Susan

    It would have been a lot better without the cauliflower in the topping. Potatoes are vegan; no need to water them down with mushy cauliflower. I love cauliflower, but it doesn’t belong in Shepherd’s Pie.

  2. Anne D Montgomery

    Once upon a time, there was a Trader Joe’s meatless Shepherd’s Pie. I ate it a lot. Yum. Alas, it was discontinued. When I saw the new Vegan Shepherd’s Pie, I was excited to try it. Nope. Not even close. Ptui. Not even deserving one star.

  3. Daniel

    I am the least picky eater you’ve ever met and I’ll generally eat anything. This was just gross. I took two bite and tossed it.

  4. Sam

    The topping has a really bad consistency and flavor. Don’t understand why they added cauliflower to the topping when potatoes are vegan. There’s really no redeeming qualities of the dish, flavor is bad all throughout.

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