Trader Joe’s Organic Red Lentil Sedanini Pasta Reviews

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15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Red Lentil Sedanini Pasta Reviews

  1. Thomas R. Janowski

    I have tried most, if not all, of the gluten-alternative pastas and Trader Joe’s red lentil is by far the best–in terms of taste, texture and appearance. The reddish color mostly disappears in cooking. Al dente is easy to achieve unlike rice flour pasta which mostly turns to mush.

    I think the worst pasta I tried was black bean pasta–who wants to eat mushy, dark gray pasta? Better than rice or black bean pastas were some of the corn or rice blend pastas, but still not as good as the red lentil.

    Trader Joe’s red lentil pasta is a winner–both for its gluten-free, high protein and al dente texture.

  2. Patsy huban

    This is the best pasta ever bought from a store shelf. One will forget it’s not grain based.

  3. Patsy huban

    I ve tried many many variations of store bought pastas, but none really came close to this red lentil pasta. Trying to withdraw from grain oriented food,
    But a good bowl of pasta from other sources were just either terrible or mediocre… not this product. So glad I took a chance.

  4. Rose

    This is the best red lentil pasta, hands down. For one thing,
    notice that the ONLY ingredient is red lentil flour. Some of the
    other well known brands add pea flour and other unnecessary
    ingredients. This is now the ONLY pasta I will buy. I only wish
    they would come of with a few other shapes.

  5. ume

    okay so don’t know what happened to this great pasta its getting bad and bad i been using it for past year and i always soak it for an hour before i cook and it was fine but now a days when i soak it becomes a flour whith 20mins it doesn’t even taste the same please fix it

  6. Jen Boynton

    Made this pasta tonight and served it with Vodka Sauce and grated cheese as a side to chicken. I wanted a higher protein alternative than white flour pasta. My kids did not jump up and down, but they did eat it… I loved it. My recommendation is to not cook it over the 5 minutes suggested. I have had the black bean pasta and that I cooked too long turning it to mush. This was actually quite good.

  7. Bett

    Looking for input on how to cook it so it gets softer. I’m not a fan of “al dente” beyond a little tooth resistance. This actually seems hard to chew and, dare I say, rubbery.

    Would appreciate hints on how long to actually cook to make it bite like regular pasta, which I can’t eat because of the simple carbs.

  8. Jillie

    I cooked it for the recommended 5-6 mins-sooo hard. I think I cooked it for 10 min and it was still al dente which I don’t like. The taste was fine but I won’t be buying it again.

  9. Brenda H Smith

    I usually have to cook it well beyond the cooking time, but recently took a chance and added it to my instant pot stroganoff, wow!!! it was great. I will try making just noodles in the instant pot, but as of now don’t have an exact IP time.

  10. Julie Wilson

    If you are looking for an alternative to wheat pasta this is perfect. It does not have quite the same consistency as wheat pasta, but close to it. It has a stronger taste than regular pasta but if you are covering it with sauce you won’t really notice it. You do have to cook it several minutes longer than directions. I recommend only cooking about 3-5 minutes longer, but keep checking to make sure it’s not over cooked. It does not get as mushy like rice pasta’s that I have tried. If you want pasta without wheat this is a great alternative.

  11. Susan Paulson

    Made Trader Joe’s Red Lentil Pasta Salad with the Red Lentil Pasta, Trader Joe’s Quinoa Pesto Sauce and Trader Joe’s Marinated Artichoke hearts. Made a delicious pasta salad. Did cook the pasta for a total of 12 minutes then drained and rinsed under cold water. Was a truly delicious pasta salad.

  12. Joanna

    I am not sure how people are giving this product good reviews. I have tried every single lentil pasta out there and this to me was by far one of the worst. First off this is not the first Trader Joes product to have the wrong cooking time instructions. Cooking this pasta for 5-6 minutes will yield very hard chewy, not very pleasurable to eat for dinner pasta. I ended up cooking the pasta for 12 minutes and as other reviewers have stated, it was still al dente and chewy like. I made a homemade pesto and added to it and it was just horrible. Yesterday the same pesto went on a chickpea pasta and it was amazing. This pasta just doesnt do it for me due to its texture. Its very firm and chewy. I ended up putting it back in the pan after I added the pesto and adding water and simmering with a lid on in a desperate attempt to soften my dinner up a bit. It is not my first time buying…I have purchased this product many times and I keep giving it a chance but if anything, its gotten worse in time. I read one other reviewer agreed with that and said they have changed the ingredients because they usually soak them before boiling and now when they soak the pasta, it turns into a different consistency compared to the same product before. All in all I do not find this as tasty as people say…its a bit too dry and lentilly as a def need to add something else to it rather than just the sauce.

  13. Katherine

    This product – it’s not pasta – is an abomination. Everything about the texture is unacceptable. Nothing could have sufficient nutritional value to justify it.

  14. B in CV

    Just sat down to lunch and was looking forward to some pasta on this rainy afternoon.
    Sorry to say that it’s tasteless starch. I did not overcook it. Will go back to other GF brands that actually taste like a reasonable facsimile to actual pasta.

  15. Me

    I like this pasta. I’ve tried many of the gluten-free pasta’s and this is probably my favorite. Yeah, you don’t get the chewiness of the semolina pasta and you have to cook it just right. I cook for 5 minutes and then do the process called “mantecatura” (look it up on youtube) where you toss the pasta with the saved pasta water, to finish it in a skillet under medium heat for another few minutes (i also add chopped tomatoes, capers, and olive olive at this time). I appreciate having this gluten-free option!

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