Trader Joe’s Vegan Chicken-Less Seasoning Salt Reviews

(27 customer reviews)

with sea salt, onion powder, spices, turmeric, and garlic powder.

27 reviews for Trader Joe’s Vegan Chicken-Less Seasoning Salt Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    where did this product go……will it be available again?

  2. Liz

    Please bring this back!!

  3. Jeanne

    Love this seasoning. Is it still available?

  4. Adrianna

    Please bring this back

  5. Craig Jackson

    We loved this! I was devastated (not exaggerating) when I went to buy more and the staff told me this was discontinued. Please, please bring this back.

  6. Carolyn

    Please please PLEASE bring this back. Best seasoning ever!!!! I’m devastated that it was discontinued!
    Rating 1 star because you took away this 5 star product!

  7. Anonymous

    I echo Craig Jackson’s sentiment. I’m devastated. This seasoning has become central to my cooking arsenal.

    PLEASE bring it back.

  8. Aaron Fenwick

    Bring it back please.

  9. Nancy

    Please please bring back the vegan chickenless spice!

  10. Nancy

    Please please PLEASE bring back the vegan chickenless spice!

  11. Anonymous

    It was so good. Please bring back, please!

  12. Jenn Kerbs

    Yes!! We need this seasoning to come back ASAP! It’s the best!!

  13. Christina H.

    PLEASE OH’ PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!! I almost cried when the store manager told me it was discontinued. Had I known I would have stocked up when it was still on the shelf. What happened???? This was the best seasoning EVER to use to fry chicken. It was so flavorful. Please Trader Joe’s…..bring it back!! I need this in my life 🙂

  14. Stacy

    This is our FAVORITE, and it is loved by vegetarian and non-vegetarians equally as much! Are you seriously discontinuing this??? Please do not, please keep this on your shelves, it’s used daily here!

  15. JZ

    This is amazing. Bring it back!! Why would this be discounted?!!? 🙁

  16. Diane Longaker

    I absolutely loved using this seasoning for jackfruit (chix) salad, and for soy curls…and in soup….and, and, and …(you get the point). Please consider bringing it back.

  17. Anonymous

    Bring it back!!!!!!

  18. KB

    It paired well with many dishes. My favorites – avocado toast, sandwiches, soups, roasted chickpeas. It was the only thing that drew me into TJs.

  19. Nancy

    This was so good, nothing matches it. I believe if sales were down it is TJ’s marketing team by putting the word VEGAN in the title. Just call it chicken seasoning salt SUITABLE for vegans. I am vegan and I know the word turns a lot of people off. PLEASE bring it back!!!!

  20. Mary

    Discontinued? Noooo! Please bring it back

  21. hema

    One more vote to please please bring it back!

  22. Anonymous

    very annoying this was discontinued, it was one of the few reasons I went to TJs

  23. Andy A

    Waiting and watching for its return.

  24. Anonymous

    Please bring it back

  25. Eddie Goodman

    I love this produce

  26. Robyn Klein-Rysemus

    Please bring this back!!!
    My soups are just not as good without this season blend. It is hard to describe how this seasoning blend really rounds out the flavor of many different dishes.

  27. Dawn B

    Also waiting for it’s return. Please bring it back.

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