Trader Joe’s Unexpected Broccoli Cheddar Soup Reviews

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Made with sharp cheddar cheese and unexpected cheddar cheese.


11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Unexpected Broccoli Cheddar Soup Reviews

  1. Mali

    I usually love almost everything at Trader Joe’s, but I didn’t even like this. The flavor was meh, and the consistency was super watery, like a broth. There were maybe two pieces of actual broccoli in it. Sorry TJs, I still love your other products!

  2. Toni

    I do love this product! It’s just a little too watery for my taste, but everything else I love.

  3. Marc

    I loved this soup. I particularly like that it is relatively thin. It’s really a “soup”, with great cheese flavor and large pieces of broccoli in it. As opposed to the typical “creamy” broccoli cheese soup, with pureed broccoli, which is heavily thickened (with flour or cornstarch). Some people are used to that typical style, and may not like this soup. But for me this one is a rare find–delicious and interesting.

  4. C.C.

    I’m a huge fan of Trader Joe’s and I’m also a huge fan of broccoli cheddar soup when it’s good – but sadly, Trader Joe’s version is pretty bad. It’s watery with a very unpleasant odor that lingers for hours, contains inedible stringy broccoli , and where’s the cheddar anyway? Maybe the “unexpected cheddar” isn’t really cheese but just something that tastes bad and smells terrible. I’d give this soup zero stars if I could.

  5. Ari Michele

    I add more broccoli and mixed cheese along with other vegetables, and herbs and it’s nearing perfection. Consider it a starter soup.

  6. Kim

    Began to eat this and within two minutes I found about 10 little bugs in the soup. It made me immediately sick!

  7. river

    I have tried several grocery store broccoli cheddar soups and unfortunately I am disappointed by Trader Joe’s version. It’s very watery, not creamy, and there isn’t nearly enough cheddar flavor. I did have a lot of broccoli in my container, so that’s a plus, but it really needs work. The Panera version is still my favorite container soup.

  8. June

    The particular batch I got had decent flavor but is definitely watery as other reviewers mentioned. The onions are a little too large but there was plenty of broccoli.
    I doubt I’ll buy it again and unlike other TJ duds I’ve had, I didn’t toss it.
    It was better with extra cheese, hot sauce, salt and pepper

  9. Meghan

    This soup used to be better. It’s super watery now and no where as creamy as it was when I first stated buying it. This will be my last purchase of this item.

  10. Parker

    Is this the one that was recalled?

  11. Grammie

    Soup WITH BUGS! Yeah! Like #NakedAndAfraid!

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