Trader Joe’s Uncured Three Pepper Salami Reviews

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Made with pequin, ancho, and green chili peppers.


2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Uncured Three Pepper Salami Reviews

  1. Mary Ann

    This product is almost perfect- mild enough for wussies and spicy enough for those who live with them. I didnt have an expiration date- does anyone know how long you can keep in fridge?

  2. Derek

    It’s salami. Almost forever! 😉

    I LOVE this salami. It is perfection. I buy two packs on every trip and it’s an almost daily part of my favorite breakfast (Trader Joe’s [perfect] Organic Baguette, slice of cheese, 3 chili pepper salami, and a slice of cucumber). I just can’t get enough.

    And if you want to blow your mind, see how well it goes on a frozen pizza. I put some on top, right alongside the pepperoni, and it cooks up so well – slightly crispy and chewy.

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