Trader Joe’s Unbleached Artisan Bread Flour Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Unbleached Artisan Bread Flour Reviews

  1. Jim

    Worked for a great number of sourdough recipes I made.
    Asked about it today and they said it is probably seasonal.
    That is to bad because it is wonderful.

  2. Lynda

    Used for Kenji Lopez’s low knead bread. Excellent. Cost 70 cents a loaf.

  3. Kevin

    Have used for baking sourdough bread. It seems a little “earthier” than the usual unbleached bread flour, i.e.,
    darker. I like it. Could not find it when I went to the local TJs the other day, however. (Store clerk kindly offered to look
    up when the next delivery would be, but I was in a hurry….)

  4. Anne

    Trader Joe’s Artisan Bread Flour makes amazing, hearty sourdough bread. Please bring it back!!

  5. Lydra Glozheni

    Excellent flour. I love my breads with this flour. I don’t know why is not for sale at the Trader Joe’s anymore.

  6. JS

    It made great sourdough bread, but my local store didn’t seem to have it anymore. I sure hope it comes back as a regularly stocked item.

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