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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tuscan Antipasto Reviews

  1. Delta Waters

    If you luv TJs Marinated Artichokes (i prefer the grilled) then you will luv this natural extension. Adding Mushrooms with various Olives and Peppers creates a dynamic treat. It does lack a signature flavor, however, so I am docking one star. It is nonetheless an incredibly healthy choice you don’t want to miss this holiday season. Thx Trader Giotto for making this possible.

  2. David S.

    Received it as a gift. Ingredients looked great, but where is the flavor? Mild olive oil flavor. Green olives didn’t taste like an olive! I remember my families’ home made antipasto with chunks of tuna, carrots, wild mushrooms pearl onions, plus, plus, maybe even anchovies –filled with flavor.

  3. Lana

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this item, gave it to a friend as a gift and she opened it during the party it was gone In like 5min and everyone wanted to know where did I get from. Most items like it are slightly too acidic for my taste but this one is not it’s a perfect fresh taste, all it needs is some cheese and wine to go with it. Will definitely buy more if I see it again .

  4. Marilyn Charlotte

    Got it for Christmas and loved it gone in 1 day. want more. Went to Local Trader Joes and they said it was a seasonal item am won’t be able to get until next Dec??

    Please tell me I can get it before then.

  5. Marilyn Charlotte

    excellent product. family wants more. Tell me how to get it soon


    I Love the Tuscan Antipasto!!! Bought several last year 2016 and several more this year 2018. Even gave them out as Christmas presents! From what I understand from the Trader Joe in Delray Beach, Florida that this is a Seasonal Product!

    I think it should be an All Around Year Product!

    As previous reviews indicated, WHERE AND HOW CAN WE GET MORE!!!!

  7. Donna Burns

    Why is it not on the shelves anymore? It’s my favorite of all your antipasto’s. Please restock it. I live in Wilmington, NC.

  8. Cyn pier

    I heard this item has been discontinued !
    I am so upset . Someone please tell me this is not true

  9. George B

    I was at the Joe’s in my area and was asking about the antipasto. The person told me that it is discontinued.
    I am very disappointed and would like to have them change their minds on this one!!!!!!!

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