Trader Joe’s Artichoke Antipasto Reviews

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23 reviews for Trader Joe’s Artichoke Antipasto Reviews

  1. Wes

    I tried this both as a spread and a dip, and both uses were good! As a “spread” I put it on a bagel sandwich with some sliced chicken, and it was a nice flavor addition. As a dip, I tried it with both veggie chips and tortilla chips, and both were tasty.

  2. Lillian Bruno

    I tried this both as a dip and as an addition to tuna salad. Big mistake! The recipe must have been changed because it was tasteless and left a terrible oily feel in the mouth. I’m definitely going to return it.

  3. Kari Braziel

    I’ve purchased and eaten several jars of this Artichoke Antipasto. I like the taste. But I did not check the label until now. It’s made with the worst oil on earth: canola oil! Look it up. Canola is persona non grata for nutrition. PLEASE Trader Joe’s get rid of this product and replace it with one that won’t harm our health!

  4. Tahsin

    I bought the artichoke antipasto on a whim when I saw it on the shelf the other day. I just tried it with some bread and I loved it! I love artichoke and I was happy that the flavor wasn’t too overwhelming. This was the first store bought artichoke dip that I’ve found that doesn’t have dairy. It was a good dip for my bread. I will be buying it again 🙂

  5. carol cusumano

    love this antipasto. How long does it remain good after opening and kept in the fridg?

  6. Lindsey

    I read a RIDICULOUS review on somebody’s website where they claimed this tastes like pickle relish. It doesn’t. Not even a tiny bit, which I’m thrilled about. I’m not sure what to compare the taste to but it’s very mild and would go well with many different things, so it’s definitely worth buying at least once!

  7. Ronnaye Grider

    love this antipasto. How long does it remain good after opening and kept in the fridg?

  8. Rita Soovajian

    Recently bought this. Must refrigerate it for best flavor. Loved the taste . Absolutely does not taste like pickles! Has sunflower oil no canola oil in product. Perhaps they changed the formula since it first came out. Great appetizer

  9. TJ 613

    This was my try something new impulse buy on a recent TJ stop. I added it to my lemon chicken recipe and put it over spag squash. Delish

  10. Abbe Guillet

    I put this on a cauliflower pizza shell along with some grated mozzarella and other toppings and bake. It is delicious!

  11. Margot maitland

    Love this Artichoke Antipasto, as well as the above uses it is great in a cold pasta salad which I make a lot for lunch. Just picked up a backup Jar.

  12. Gina_RN

    My mom had this in her cupboard and doesn’t know when she bought it but the date was going through 2023. So I put it in the fridge for a couple hours and put it on some crackers last night. I could not stop eating it I finally had to put the crackers away. I’m now looking at all the things I can do with it because it’s so good. Definitely will buy this again but I will have to count out how many crackers I plan to use instead of how many I can fit in my stomach! (Sidenote, I always love finding these little things here and there because I’m a vegetarian and my staples getting kind of boring so it’s always great to Find some thing new and flavorful.

  13. martha

    One of my favorite TJ’s items. Great on veggie burgers and awesome with the TJ Shrimp burger! Love it Love it Love it!!!!!

  14. Ed

    Delicious as a spread. And I can imagine many other uses for it. To the reviewer above who was concerned about the use of canola oil, good news– as of 2022, it’s now made with sunflower and olive oil.

  15. Elizabeth

    Artichoke Antipasto is delicious on Italian bread toast, crackers. and EVERYTHING else! My VERY FAVORITE Trader Joe’s item and it is GREATLY missed. Please tell me it will be back some day. I really miss this a lot!

  16. D Thiesse

    Absolutely delicious. SO UPSET THAT IT’S BEEN DISCONTINUED!!!

  17. Xylent Xqze

    What a tragedy that this was discontinued. It was the perfect pizza topping. Please bring it back!!

  18. Wendy kelley

    I loved this product and so sad it was discontinued! My favorite use was on pizza with goat cheese and kalamata olives on flat bread.

  19. Spencer

    How could you discontinue? This was the best thing in the store. Please reconsider.

  20. Leslie

    I used a jar or two weekly. I used it as my salad dressing straight from the jar. I put it in my omelette too. Every time I’m in a Trader Joe’s I mourn that they’ve discontinued this product. I’ve begged them to bring it back. They have a different artichoke spread (not sure of the brand) the ingredients aren’t as good as this product so I won’t buy it.
    Please, please, please bring this item back!!!!

  21. Donnell Holmes

    This is wonderful as a sauce/spread on pizza crust (no red sauce for us). So disappointed that they are not carrying any longer.

  22. Diana Kaspar

    PLEASE, PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!!! It really is the best thing in the store. I make a special trip to get it. I use it as an artichoke spread on crackers and on my omelet.

  23. Linda Jessen

    Miss this stuff!!! It was awesome. Please bring it back. What you have on the shelves now doesn’t compare.

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