Trader Joe’s Turkey & Cranberry Cat Treats Reviews

(12 customer reviews)

No grain-added, turkey and cranberry recipe soft and chewy cat treats.


12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Turkey & Cranberry Cat Treats Reviews

  1. Wester

    My cat really likes these! He’s pretty picky about treats and will often leave certain ones untouched. So far these are a big hit for him!

  2. KingOfBeacon

    My cat wanted nothing to do with these.

  3. Sara

    My cat has projectile vomiting after having this.

  4. Chloe Kelly

    These need to be removed from the shelves. They are TOXIC to cats if you look at the ingredients. I trusted Trader Joes always for quality and ingredients. This contains garlic, paprika, and pure cane sugar. My cat ended up in ICU at the emergency Vet ER from these for over THREE days, confirmed by two veterinarians that caused acute pancreatitis. She had to be put on fluids, appetite stimulants, and gabapentin for anti-inflammatory. She is just now recovering. She was so sick vomiting initially and then could no longer eat and was vomiting excessive bile. This was the only thing changed from her normal food and treat routine. I felt as if I betrayed my cats trust by buying and giving these to her. Trader Joes should be held responsible for her vet bill if not partially – would be appreciated. It has not affected me financially and for the holidays. To at least take ownership for what is put on their shelves. I have physical documentation from the veterinarian. I would truly appreciate if someone reached out to me or assisted with the veterinary bill that was completely out of pocket. These spices are TOXIC to cats. Granted, I am responsible for purchasing and feeding them to her. At the same time, especially somewhere like Trader Joes I shouldn’t have to question now what the ingredients and quality are that are being consumed by my family and my pet.

  5. Hayley

    Garlic is extremely poisonous to cats. My cat got super sick…

  6. Emily

    Contains garlic, which cats can’t eat. My cats are fine because I checked the ingredients before purchasing, but if I hadn’t they might have been seriously hurt.

  7. Anonymous

    PLEASE DO NOT GIVE TO YOUR CAT!. These are toxic as they contain garlic and peprika in them. Cats cannot process those ingredients.

  8. Audrey

    Hmmm I was wondering why my cats both got extremely sick around the same time I got these. It’s been 3 weeks of diarrhea & vomiting and 4 vet visits later. I’m guessing this was the problem.


    This explains why my cat was vomiting and had dark stool diahrea. Unbelieveable!! Im disappointed TJ for including toxic (garlic and paprika) ingredients for cats.

  10. Nicole

    Toxic ingredients for cats! Garlic, Paprika and cane sugar! This should be banned immediately!!! Where are the executives!? Read your reviews!

  11. Anonymous

    my cat had diarrhea from an unknown source for the last month. we have spent over $400 in vet bills and specialty foods trying to understand what was wrong with her, and now after realizing the toxicity of these ingredients know she became sick from these treats. trader joes needs to confirm they will never return this item to their shelves. i am extremely upset and disappointed.

  12. Caroline

    My cat had severe diarrhea and vomiting for 5 days due to these treats.

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