Trader Joe’s Freeze-Dried Just Chicken for Pets Reviews

(4 customer reviews)

Dog and cat treats and food topper. Simple ingredients – it only contains freeze-dried chicken breast!


4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Freeze-Dried Just Chicken for Pets Reviews

  1. Wes

    I love this! (Or rather, my dogs do.) My cat won’t touch it, but both of my dogs come running whenever I open it. One of them has a lot of health issues and an extremely restricted diet, and he was limited to barely any treats. But he’s able to handle these with no problem, so I’m really happy TJ’s started selling them! Love that it’s just 100% chicken breast with no additives.

  2. Eiry

    My kitties love this stuff. They were addicted to the Liv a Little’s brand, but they are very expensive. These work just fine.

  3. Glenda Hesley

    My 12 year old cat who has IBD loves these treats. I love them because these are the only treats she doesn’t throw up immediately after eating . We give them 5 stars for digestion and price. Thank you Trader Joe’s. Meow

  4. Chelsea

    My cats and dog both go wild for these treats

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