Trader Joe’s Turkey Apple Cheddar Sandwich Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Turkey Apple Cheddar Sandwich Reviews

  1. marcelo


  2. Jen

    Very good. The turkey is thick, unlike most sliced turkey sandwiches. The apple adds an unexpected and delicious crunch to it!

  3. Connie

    Favorite sandwich – the apple, the arugula – all of it just go great together.

  4. Debbie

    I found this to be average. The 3 stars are for the turkey: flavorful and a generous portion. Unfortunately the rest not so good: bread was too dry and dense, & too much of. I would prefer sliced multigrain bread. Apple was a great combo but needed a touch more. Also, 1 thin piece of arugula was not enough; I’d like to see spinach here and about 4-5x the amount of greens. And the sauce? A vinegary sweet Dijon…not the best. Perhaps a Mayo and Dijon or better yet, pesto. Still, the portion is great for the money so that is a saving grace. Maybe my sandwich was a day old & that’s why bread was dry & sauce not enough punch?

  5. Jay

    Good but needs something else and is a bit dry.

  6. W. C.

    What a great sandwich! The Rustico Roll was a refreshing change, the apple – interesting, and a nice chomp of turkey. I’ve reconfigured my serving size per meal (mostly), so half of the sandwich was enough to fill/satisfy.

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