Trader Joe’s Trimmed Leeks Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Trimmed Leeks Reviews

  1. Y. Fraser

    The two stars I’ve given these leeks represents an average that has dropped from what would have been earlier five-star reviews. I buy these often, in particular for soups. This time of year, early fall, I buy a lot, for my favorite tomato soup, made with the really red, flavorful tomatoes that are everywhere. It’s a big operation, as I make enough to give to various family members who also love it, so the convenience of the trimmed leeks that take up less space in the fridge AND need minimal washing is worth the extra expense. However, the lot that I bought yesterday are very disappointing. They’re all a good ten days before the “best by” date, but they’re drying out and limp, with several layers loose and slipping off. They used to be imported from Canada, but I see that these are “product of U.S.A.” – could this be the reason for the poorer quality?? A lot of them are cut ABOVE the root, which may account for the drying out.

  2. Cv

    Made braised leeks .. amazing and very easy

  3. Cv

    Made braised leeks .. amazing and very easy

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