Trader Joe’s Trader Potato Tater Tots Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Trader Potato Tater Tots Reviews

  1. Andy

    TJ’s tater tots are really good – just as good as any other brand of frozen tater tots I’ve ever had.

  2. Susan

    I thought I hated tater tots. I thought they only belonged on elementary school lunch trays from the mid 1970’s. Then I tried these… Full review here:

  3. Gelato Jill

    These always come out crisp and delicious. I like them better than any of the other frozen fries or hash browns that TJs sells.

  4. Sheree Johnson

    We had these but found two pieces of black plastic in the bottom of the bag a little larger than the tots! Grossed me out! Not sure if the dark felcks in the tots we’re plastic too! Very disappointed!

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