Trader Joe’s Tostones Fried Plaintain Slices Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tostones Fried Plaintain Slices Reviews

  1. A G

    Absolutely fantastic! These are authentic in flavor and texture. Worked very well in the air fryer. Being from Puerto Rico my family and I love these. The best part is that they are not greasy and they do not dry up in the air fryer. They are perfect! Highly recommend them.

  2. Lynda

    Why are these discontinued??? Our family loves them! So many in our family and even our extended family are gluten-free and these Tostones were a lifesaver! We use them in so many different ways! The Rochester Minnesota store said they are now discontinued. Will they be back??? PLEASE

  3. Neri

    BRING THEM BACK . We miss them they are the best they go with everything!!!

  4. Emilio

    Please, I am gluten insolent and use this as bread. BRING THEM BACK

  5. Andrea

    we love these and miss them very much! Pleaseee bring them back

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